Greene County Plat Maps (Pennsylvania)

Treasurers and Tax Collectors are responsible for collecting taxes at the local level and distributing these funds in Greene County, PA. In order to collect Greene County property taxes, the Treasurer and Tax Collector typically maintains maps covering its jurisdiction, including plat maps. These plat maps provide detailed information on a neighborhood or local area, including property boundaries and divisions, lot dimensions, parcel and street numbers, and land sizes. Greene County plat maps also contain important information for prospective buyers about flood zones, easements, rights of way, and public access. The Greene County Treasurer and Tax Collector may provide online access to plat maps on its website.

Aleppo Tax Collector Aleppo PA 632 Windy Gap Road 15310 724-447-2597

Clarksville Tax Collector Clarksville PA 642 Center St 15322 724-377-1502

Cumberland Tax Collector Carmichaels PA 100 Municipal Road 15320 724-966-2919

Dunkard Township Tax Collector Bobtown PA 370 North Moreland Street 15315 724-839-7522

Freeport Township Tax Collector New Freeport PA 850 Golden Oaks Road 15352 724-447-2976

Gray Township Tax Collector Graysville PA 201 Stringtown Road 15337 724-428-9878

Greene County Tax Claim Bureau Waynesburg PA 93 East High Street 15370 724-852-5232

Monongahela Township Tax Collector Dilliner PA 120 Old Dairy Rd 15327 724-943-4092

Morgan Township Tax Collector Mather PA 243 2nd Street 15346 724-883-4152

Morris Township Tax Collector Sycamore PA 196 Reeves Rd 15364 724-428-4487

Rices Landing Tax Collector Rices Landing PA 108 Monongahela Avenue 15357 724-592-5706

Spraggs Tax Collector Spraggs PA 403 Church Run Road 15362 724-435-7296

Wind Ridge Tax Collector Wind Ridge PA 449 West Roy Furman Highway 15380 724-428-4301

Assessors are responsible for determining the value of taxable property within Greene County, PA. These property assessments are used to levy property taxes. In addition, Greene County Assessors maintain detailed neighborhood maps that contain information about the properties. These plat maps include all the lots in a tract of land, boundary locations, street numbers, property lines, and lot dimensions. Greene County plat maps also show any easements or rights of way. Assessors are responsible for assigning a parcel number to each lot, which appears on the map. Plat maps may be available online through the Assessor's website.

Greene County Assessment Waynesburg PA 93 East High Street 15370 724-852-5211

Clerks maintain and preserve important public records for a county or local government, including detailed local maps such as plat maps in Greene County, PA. These Greene County plat maps show the property boundaries in a neighborhood, including lots and their dimensions, boundary locations, streets and street numbers, and parcel numbers. These Greene County maps contain important information for prospective buyers who may be concerned about easements, rights of way, flood zones, and public access on a particular plot of land. Clerks often provide online access to plat maps.

Greene County Clerk Waynesburg PA 10 East High Street 15370 724-852-5281

Recorders of Deeds maintain real estate ownership documents to ensure the accuracy of property, land, and property tax records in Greene County, PA. As part of this responsibility, Recorders of Deeds typically keep detailed Greene County plat maps. These maps show the subdivisions in a tract of land, including boundary locations, parcel and street numbers, property lines, and lot dimensions. Plat maps also include Greene County flood zones, easements, and rights of ways, as well as public access land. The Recorder of Deeds often provides public access to plat maps through its website.

Greene County Recorder of Deeds Waynesburg PA 10 East High Street 15370 724-852-5283